Theology as Kenosis

November 7, 2011

I think the literal meaning of kenosis best sums up theology.

Recently, there has been a brouhaha following the debate between evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne and theologian John Haught on the question of the compatibility or non-compatibility of science and religion. Out of petulance, it seems, Haught at first refused to sanction posting of the video of the debate, which only served to attract attention to the content of his talk and Q&A comments.

“Theology is an ‘I want tea’ level of understanding” pretty much sums up the depth of Haught’s thought. An impermissible analogy opening imaginary space for believers to believe. Check it out for yourself.

There’s little point trying to add to Eric MacDonald’s analysis of Haught’s anti-intellectual contortions. Here it is, in 2 parts:-