Treading on God’s Toes

February 28, 2011

The closest thing to a belief i’ve ever heard from the lips of a believer is the amorphous assertion of sanctity of life, unargued. In the past, vaccination was resisted. Sanctity of life notions are simply the present-day version of Treading on God’s Toes. Religious leaders see beginning and end of life issues as their most defensible turf.

“And this is just the point. [The Religious] don’t know anything, and in one sense they don’t believe anything either, because they can shape-shift through a whole sequence of transitions from belief to belief as their beliefs are challenged. They will even say … that they agree with the atheist point of view, except that … — and at this point [they say] something cute and irrelevant, because there’s nothing definite or relevant that can be said.”

“When religions do make propositional claims … then religion is claiming things for which there is not a shred of evidence. But when they stop making propositional claims — as happens when they are put on the hot seat — then they are no longer being “religious” in any meaningful sense, and religion becomes something very vague and mysterian, or, otherwise, simply a kind of humanism. So when believers tell us what they believe and why they believe it, they can no longer be taken seriously; but when they back away from belief, it’s hard to distinguish them from atheists. And this, by the way, is inevitable, because there is simply no reason to take religious believing seriously as being about anything at all.”

“And that is why “debates” between believers and unbelievers can go nowhere, because there is nothing for the debate to be about …, unless, of course, the believer is willing to pin himself down, and then, as even believers know, they simply sound ridiculous.”

There’s not a single defensible religious belief.


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