What is Faith?

February 6, 2011

For me it has always been a very baffling phenomenon.

“Faith is more than just belief in the teeth of the evidence. It is belief which has achieved the status of being its own evidence.”

I’ve always been amazed that people can believe in the face of the evidence, so much so that i’ve often doubted that people really do believe by my own notion of the word, and i’m sure this is true of many – ‘belief’ is simply belonging to a religious community, belief or disbelief is neither here nor there. Yet theistic belief there must be, and the above quote is a useful insight. Once someone has leapt into faith, everything is interpreted in the light of that state and in this sense becomes its own evidence. Faith is not hypothesis, it is conviction.

“Religious beliefs are based, so the believer thinks, on good evidence, and then they are taken up into a composite in which the heart and the emotions play their part, transforming them from mere hypotheses — that might be overturned on further evidence — to convictions which issue in conduct, which is, of its very nature, confirming.”

For other insights into faith and to see Eric MacDonald run rings around the comical Alister McGrath, click on the following link:-


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