January 30, 2011

Diaphanitas quotes Greta Christina with approval:-

“Religion has to do more than come up with some good evidence for its hypothesis.
It has to have a coherent hypothesis in the first place.”

But then upbraids Christina and other atheists for failing to fully appreciate this truth:-
“They feel that there is this universal standard of evaluating claims, a standard that they refer to as evidence.” Would that it were so. Diaphanitas goes on to explain how evidence is inherently theory-laden and in doing so slightly overstates the Kuhnian perspective (and veers perilously close to relativism), but the point is an important one and failure to appreciate it can fuel confusion.

All one can do is put two paradigms side by side and appeal to reason. Geocentrists in the time of Copernicus (or Galileo) could not by strict logic be forced to see the truth of Heliocentrism. Creationists cannot be forced to accept the superiority of the Darwin paradigm.



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