Humanism debates Atheism

November 24, 2010

Many humanists dislike harsh judgements of religion. Scruton a while back was talking about how nice the old humanists were (of course, as is his wont, he misrepresented what’s going on nowadays). His parents, for example, didn’t like to criticise religion. Russell Blackford states why that attitude is mistaken:-

“Well, my cause is a reduction in the social and political footprint of religion. And that, I think, is the cause that has a lot of people rallying under the banner of Gnu Atheism. The trouble with a lot of humanists is that they don’t seem to be serious about that goal. And as I’ve said so many times, part of what we need to do is actually question the truth of religious claims.

A secularism that never does that is fighting with one arm tied behind its back. Supposed allies who say we shouldn’t do it are asking us to cripple ourselves.”


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