Banning the full-face veil in France

July 15, 2010

There’s an interesting emphasis in the punishments specified.

Fines of 150 euros (190 dollars) will be imposed on those caught wearing the veil, after a six-month grace period to allow time to educate Muslim women about the ban.

Men who force their wives or daughters to cover themselves for religious reasons face stiffer penalties of up to 30,000 euros and a one-year jail term.

There are good arguments both for and against a burka/niqab ban in public spaces, but the stipulated punishments demonstrate that this measure is in fact the opposite of “illiberal”, the fatuous response of many pusillanimous so-called intellectuals in England.

As far as accusations of political opportunism/distracting the electorate from other matters &c &c, when aren’t such aspersions cast? Banning the veil should be argued about on its own terms.


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