March 4, 2010

The raison d’etre of theology is the provision of sophisticated reasons to persist in primitive beliefs and practices.


4 Responses to “Theology”

  1. This is of course one of the strongest arguments in favour of theology; to move those who revolt from what they are and ought to be until they end where they began and find the persistent foolishness of the primitive to be wiser than the transitory wisdom of the wise.

  2. ukdonjp said

    “… what they are and ought to be” is precisely the issue. Highly tendentious in David’s comment, though.
    Of course, any claims to possession of wisdom should elicit a snort of derision. The battle, in AC Grayling’s paraphrase, is between those who seek the truth and those who claim to have it.

  3. I entirely agree with ACG’s formula. It cuts across divisions of creed and ideology, severing the fundamentalists from the contemplatives.

  4. ukdonjp said

    There we can agree and I like your use of the word “contemplatives”. Better than the obfuscatory “mystic”.

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