NOMA no more

September 8, 2009

Science and religion are not compatible. Science is part of a wider intellectual movement that 1. respects evidence 2. consciously, structurally and institutionally combats inherent cognitive biases and 3. promotes free inquiry.

Debates are often characterised as science vs this; science vs that. This leads many into the confusion of accusations of “scientism” and strange notions that because science doesn’t “explain” music then scientists have no business listening to it! All very bizarre.

What is really at issue is an evidence-based worldview.

This encompasses the whole of human history, indeed the whole history of the earth and the universe. It encompasses music, dance, philosophy, art, even (and especially) religions as products of human imagination and ingenuity. Many who explore this worldview, see the world and everyday experiences through its lens, find it rich and invigorating. Moreover, many come to value greatly this evanescent existence precisely because of its evanescence and through consciousness of the stupendous unlikelihood (and amazing luck) of this particular concatenation of DNA coming together at all.


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