Intellectual comedians

April 30, 2009

Eagleton, or should it be Eaglegram? Perhaps Sparrowton? No, Sparrowgram more aptly fits his latest erudite parade of anachronistic idiocy.

Since he characterizes the so-called “new atheists” as Ditchkins, an ad hominem retort is in order. Sparrowgram is often described as a Catholic/Marxist/Literary Theorist. There, that will do as an ad hominem.

The comedy comes when such critics as Eagleton disparage Dawkins, Hitchens and others for being lesser atheists, not fit to fill the shoes of such past luminaries as Nietzsche, and often give a quote or two from Aquinas to hammer their point home. In doing so, they reveal how little they understand what the broader push back against theism is all about. How much did Aquinas know about neuroscience? Did Nietzsche discourse on black holes? Was he aware of the big bang?

Apologists for theism love Nietzsche because he fought them on their own ground and so they feel he gave them a fair chance. What they can’t come to terms with is that an understanding of science demonstrates that they have no ground.

Eagleton has spent his whole life as a high priest of casuistry of one ilk or another. He’d have better spent his life attempting to appreciate the grandeur of what those with disdain for casuistry have achieved: the collective and cumulative enterprise of science.


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